El-max history

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As early as 1954 began Folke Andersson and Albert Soderberg, in a garage at Marklandsgatan in Gothenburg, producing the first machines that came to be El-Max wrenches.

Their vision was to facilitate the work of those who worked to loosen tight-fitting wheel nuts on trucks, construction equipment and buses. There in the garage dim lighting formed the foundations of the revolutionary machine with equal care manufactured today.


The company El-Max Nutrunner Ltd has changed its factory premises on several occasions over the years but has since autumn 1959 has always been in the historic area “cliff” at the Älvsborg Bronze southern stronghold in Gothenburg. Pursued here today production, development and management in close harmony to ensure the best possible quality of product and service to your customers.

We at El-Max has always focused on what we do best. Namely, to manufacture and develop our of users so popular, wheel wrench. Through the years, El-Max wheel wrenches developed in regard to ergonomics, quality and functionality. Now owned and operated El-Max by the third generation, and efforts to produce and carefully develop El-Max wheel wrenches are progressing in the same genuine spirit which so long has marked El-Max.