“We work only with strong brands, and EL-MAX is extremely good – a role model and a great product. None of the machines we have sold over the years have come back for repair. ”
Thomas Nummelin
Conti Nova AB, Sweden

“It has been a pleasure to recommend and sell the EL-MAX machine, because in each case has resulted in the success that we’ve shown how it works.”
Gunnar Helsner
Volvo Trucks, Sweden

“With 30 years experience of EL-MAX Nutrunner, we can establish that it is a machine of very high quality and long life.”
Einar Tveter
Rodin & Co., Norway

“It is a machine that is very well liked here, and with good reputation all over Finland. There have been attempts to copy it, which never reached the same durability and quality as EL-MAX. ”
Anders Ă–blom
Eurovulk, Finland

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