El-Max Nutrunner 1.5

It is easy to see that EL-MAX wrenches become a valued helper in many European tire shops.

It makes it strenuous work associated with heavier vehicle wheels so much easier, quieter and easier. Those who have not yet discovered that in fact it can be convenient and uncomplicated to loosen the most rusted wheel nuts have not tried ELECTRICITY MAX Nutrunner.

With quiet and safe electric power in a planned design, it is a machine for superior performance and ease of use.

There is a nut that is left untouched, and not a user who wants to change his EL-MAX Nutrunner to something else.

A machine operator’s dream?

EL-MAX combines a comfortable position with brute force. All operations are controlled in unscheduled working height without vibration, making the EL-MAX, the natural choice for a good working environment.

EL-MAX wrenches based on well-proven technology. Basically it’s the same principles as the first model was born in the 1950s. It is a mechanism that is not only proven its effectiveness and efficiency. Even economically, the EL-MAX proved to have a difficult life of the law, since it almost impossible to wear, goes on from year to year. With nothing but satisfied users.

These are a few of the reasons that made EL-MAX Nutrunner to any of a user’s dream and a natural choice in each workshop.


El-Max has always been known for its exceptionally good quality. Quality is a cornerstone of our effort to always have nothing but satisfied customers. The whole machine is manufactured and assembled in our factory in Gothenburg. Each step in the process is carefully monitored by our specialized staff who are well aware of the demands placed on us at El-Max so that the quality is the one that you users have the right to put on your electric Max Nutrunner. Each machine is tested and tested thoroughly before it is ready to leave the factory.


Another one of our cornerstones is service. If you motförmodan would have no problem with you, El-Max we assist you always with good service when you contact us. Whether it’s spare parts, advice or tipps we will help you always to resolve the situation. To ensure this, we have spare parts for all models of El-Max Wrench produced since 1967 in stock.


Investing in an electric Max wheel wrench is and has always been a very good business. With an El-Max Nutrunner 1.5 in tire workshop, depot or depot so you have a reliable and qualitatively very good machine that will last for many years to come. A stationary truck costs money. When the wheels should be changed so you should be able to trust that the machines need not malfunctioning. Such a machine you get with El-Max Nutrunner 1.5.


The operator of the El-Max Nutrunner 1.5 has an ergonomically very beneficial machine to work with. With El-Max Nutrunner 1.5, you get a natural posture while all heavy elements are eliminated.

Through its ingenious hoist adjustable working height with the left hand while the other hand controls the tool operation. This allows the operator to perform maximally with minimal physical strain. El-Max Nutrunner 1.5 are also both quiet and emits minimal vibration. Both noise and vibration levels are well below their respective thresholds. The benefits from working towards a hand-held pneumatic impact wrench is thus very high.

Power sockets

At your El-Max Nutrunner we provide power sockets of the highest quality. Is the barrel marked with El-Max, it’s a very durable and reliable Swedish-made force sleeve of high-strength spring steel. A universal joint at El-Max 1.5 Nutrunner do that there is always a tool for every job. Our impact sockets are available with sexkantgrepp as standard for all sizes from 17 to 46 mm, with square grip in 17 and 20.6 mm. For other purposes, special bushings ordered.