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Finally is our new website ready!

Those of you who visited our old website can recognize certain elements but otherwise everything is new. is now moving from being a static page in soon 10 years time to become a dynamic page where we will update the new field and the content as the well-informed improvements in our machines launched.

We would like to say a big thank you to Göteborgs Media Team and Fotojägaren for helping us to arrive at the site we wanted.

New lintels with space for three power sleeves!

This is the end of the search for “the second sleeve” in the workshop. 2013, we will replace the old top rail at the top of the machine to a new lintels with space for three power sockets. The new top rail also fit on past El-Max Nutrunner 1.5. So is it just a little bit handy, you can replace it yourself and where to upgrade its electric Max. Check with us if you are uncertain